Mayor Says 2013 Columbus Budget 'Plans For The Future'

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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has announced a proposed $766 million budget for the city in 2013.  During the announcement on Thursday, Coleman said that the budget would dedicate 70 percent of the funding to police and fire divisions. 

The planned budget will also include $10 million in payments to the city's rainy day fund. 

Coleman said he also plans to attack one issue currently facing the city. 

"I think some of the challenges are, we continue to have vacant and abandoned housing. I can tell you that it will not be the problem it is today four years from now," Coleman said. "We have a plan that's being executed that will address vacant and abandoned housing."

He also plans to turn more attention to redeveloping on of the city's first settlements - Franklinton.

Brad DeHayes, owner of The Rehab Tavern, said that he has brought his money and his vision to the east side of Franklinton.

"This is all old barn wood and items we took from the building, like old nails, broken glass," DeHayes said.

DeHayes said that Franklinton buildings and the surrounding artist community gave him the opportunity to do something unique with the community.

"We thought this was the perfect location, something we could actually get aggressive with and do something different," he said.

The bar's owners are banking on the ripple effect of growth in the neighborhood.

"In January, the Franklinton Development Association purchased this land," said Jim Sweeney of the Franklinton Development Association. "The building that we're in now, we've re-developed it. The hope is that we can develop the land around us and encourage other partners to do the same."

Coleman is now boosting the neighborhood's efforts with more city money, according to his plan. His plan would give a new group that would focus on urban development $500,000.

"We're going to focus first in Franklinton," Coleman said.

Next, the city council will review the budget and hold hearings on the plan. 

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