Mayor Coleman Outlines Snow Removal Plans Following Harsh Winter


Columbus Mayor Coleman talked exclusively with 10TV about his plans to make big changes to the city's snow removal plan following last year's harsh winter. Coleman says this year, the city can and will do a better job.

He calls last winter the worst one of his life. “There was a part of last year that I just found hard to believe,” Coleman says.  He’s referencing about the more than 56 inches of snow that fell in central Ohio as a so-called polar vortex plummeted temperatures below zero.

Across Columbus, people complained they waited days - sometimes more than a week - for a plow to clear neighborhood streets.  The city's 311 call center was inundated with thousands of complaints. “I felt the city could do better,” complained one 311 caller.

Coleman says the city is set to come out swinging this winter.  113 snow warriors are ready to hit the streets when roads turn slick, but in the case of extreme snowfall, additional city employees are on standby to nearly triple manpower to 300.

Mayor Coleman says he's increasing the plow and salt fleet from 50 trucks to as many as 99.  In the event of a severe storm, the city can tap into its reserve fleet of aging trucks to put a total of 145 plows on the road.   And for the first time, you can curl up with your cocoa and go online to the Columbus Warrior Watch web site, type in your address and learn the last time a plow came down your street.

As for Mayor Coleman, he says he’s enjoying the warm weather this summer.  “I will never complain about warm weather again!” Coleman jokes.