Masked Gunmen Use Pepper Spray For Attempted Robbery in Grove City


Police are looking for two men who tried to rob a restaurant with a gun and pepper spray.

"As soon as he opened up the door, they sprayed him right in the face. I'm still surprised he was able to run and see," says Jesus Mendez, manager at the Fiesta Mariachi.

As Mendez and two other employees were closing up the Fiesta Mariachi on Stringtown Road, he says one of his employees was attacked.

"He said 'run...they're going to kills us,'" Mendez told 10TV's Jason Frazer. "The girl that was sitting at the bar thought it was a joke."

But Mendez says as he looked toward the backdoor, he noticed one of his employees was coughing from what was being sprayed, a large can of pepper spray.

"One of them had a gun, the other one had a big thing of mace and he was just running and macing the whole restaurant," Mendez said.

Mendez says as he tried get a look at the suspects, he noticed they weren't impacted by what was being sprayed.

"They were wearing a white mask they were wearing long sleeve sweater that had Police on the front of the sweater," Mendez said.

The employees were able to make it out of the restaurant safely according to Mendez. But the suspects dressed as police took off.

"I'm scared but at the same time I'm worried about everyone around here because there's a lot of businesses around here," Mendez said.
Mendez is making some changes to ensure his customers and employees are safe.

"Now I gotta walk out the front door and make sure I walk out with two or three people," he said

Mendez says he's restaurant is looking at also adding some additional cameras.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and so far no arrests have been made.