Marysville school calls online threat "horseplay"

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The administration at a school in Marysville said police have investigated a social media threat involving their school.

The threat, directed at Bunsold Middle School, was discovered Friday afternoon.

Bunsold Middle School principal Michelle Kaffenbarger said the threat discussed harming people at the school on Monday.

School administrators said they found the origin of the threat and concluded there was never an immediate or potential threat to students or staff.

In a letter home to parents, principal Kaffenbarger called the threat "horseplay", but said the threat was taken seriously.

A police report was taken, but it's unclear if anyone was charged for making the threat.

You can read the letter sent home to parents Friday below.

Dear Bunsold Families:

I wanted to make you aware of a situation that occurred today at Bunsold Middle School. It was brought to our attention that a social media post discussed a threat of harm at school regarding Monday of next week. Immediately upon hearing this information, Bunsold Middle School administration executed safety plan procedures and began a collaborative investigation with the Marysville Police Department. We were able to determine the origin of the threat, conclude there was never an immediate or potential threat to our students or staff, and we were able to take appropriate actions within our Student Code of Conduct. Though this was “horseplay”, we take every situation extremely seriously, and there is no place for this in our schools. We are thankful for the swift action and strong partnership with our local law enforcement officials.

The community of Marysville has established a “see/hear something, say something” expectation. We appreciate our students, administrators, and school staff who refuse to ignore potentially threatening situations. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Because of this, we acted swiftly and with purpose. A special thank you needs to go to the students who made us aware of this social media post.

Please take the opportunity to discuss this with your child regarding the importance of the content of social media posts as well as encouraging them that if they see something or hear something, they need to say something to an adult.