Marketplace Website Causing Frustration For Those Applying For Insurance

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The launch of the new health insurance exchanges under Obamacare did not go smoothly for everybody.  

In fact, technical glitches, including here in Ohio, left many people confused and frustrated.

Colette Hayle has been running her own small business for the past eight years, but she's been unable to find affordable personal health insurance.

"I think the exchange is an amazing idea," said Colette. "At least it offers some hope that there may be some affordable health care out there. I won't have that constant stress in the back of my mind that I have to stay healthy and what happens if I don't?"

Like millions of Americans Tuesday, Colette logged on and prepared to choose her new health plan.

After logging on and providing her name, email and password, she reached a window that told her the account couldn't be created.

It's here where Colette learns there are too many people online.  After trying again - to no avail - she seeks online help, which never comes.

"I'm a little frustrated and it's a little disappointing," said Colette.

But she says there's plenty of time between now and December to make it happen.

"It sounds like a great step in the right direction, but it's still very confusing for the lay person," said Colette.

Those who qualify for the health care exchange have until Dec.15 to pick a plan, so there is still plenty of time to enroll.

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