Marion Students Make Pledge To Fight Drugs

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The Marion County sheriff's office is getting drug enforcement help from some proactive students. CrimeTracker 10's Jeff Hogan visited Harding High School. At Harding, their testing involves more than just math and science.

Harding High School senior Kier Scott is leading by example. Scott is taking a stance to help fight the war on drugs.

"This is what I want to do, I want to be a leader", said Scott. Achievement for Scott is getting other people to sign an old pact, but with a new twist. Scott explained, "Leading people to make good, positive decisions that's, what I'm all about. "

The Marion-Crawford Prevention Program is a voluntary program that offers new ideas to keep kids off drugs.

The program is overseen by Jodi Galloway who is backed with 20 years of experience with county prevention program.

The program described their purpose as, "This is called prevention…not punishment. There are teachable moments at every turn in high school but this particular drug prevention program is more than just a pledge, it's a promise to take consequences to the next level."

The students who sign up agree to be randomly drug tested for free by the public health department. No one at the school will know which students are tested so nobody will be getting kicked off teams or out of clubs. The results then go straight home to the parents, putting enforcement in their court.

"I think for me it gives the parent the awareness. Because some parents aren't aware", said parent Natalie Abrams If a student signs up but then refuses a test, the parents will be notified. Natalie Abrams says their community has seen the dangers of drug abuse. She believes programs like this can encourage positive peer pressure.

Abrams closed by saying," I don't want to see any of these kids hurt or dead."

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