Marion Residents Work Together To Clean Up City’s Heroin Problems


Marion residents say they are fed up with the city’s heroin problem and the mess it is making of the town.

Now, residents are taking on an effort to clean the city up.

A Marion cleaning crew is organizing a day-long event to rid area parks of drug syringes.

"It's disgusting, it's crazy," said resident Melanie Robinson.

Leftover drug needles have been found in areas like playgrounds, where kids play.

Neighbors say it's a problem far too common in Marion.

On a Facebook page for the "Marion Clean Crew," people have been posting pictures of drug needles they're finding around town, including a syringe at Grant Middle School.

Paul Young founded the group after finding a needle near a young boy.

"And it just made me wonder if I wouldn't have picked it up, if he might have got hurt on it" Young said.

Now, he's organizing a city-wide cleanup for July 13 to protect others from possible contamination from these needles.

"Just to make it a cleaner place for our kids to be,” Young said. “I mean just to be able to bring everybody together in one common place for one reason.”

The Marion Clean Crew will have containers to collect the needles for safe disposal.

The cleanup is reassuring to parents like Robinson.

"It scares me because I don't want them to get stuck with it or get any disease that the other person has or let alone get drugs in their system" Robinson said.
The first city-wide clean-up is July 13 at 8:30 a.m., with participants meeting at Sawyer-Ludwig Park.

You can find out more on the Marion Clean Crew and the event here.

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