Marion Police Continue To Look For Answers 1 Year After Deadly Assault

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It’s now been one year since a 64-year-old Marion grandfather was beaten to death by two men. His attackers are still at large.

On the anniversary of his death, his family and investigators are pleading for information.

Childhood photos show a bright-eyed, happy Tim Daso.

Even decades later, Jeanette Dickerson says Daso still looked out for her like a big brother should.

"A beautiful brother,” she said. “I miss him every day."

It is a loss she lives with, literally.

Tim had moved into his sister's spare room downstairs.

"It's hard for me to even live here,” Dickerson said. "Because every time I go up and down the stair steps, it's like I’m touching him. I'll run my hand down the railing."

Investigators say Daso had been celebrating St Patrick's Day last year at the Town House bar in Marion.

For a reason that remains a mystery, he was attacked by two men in the parking lot.

"As each day goes by, witnesses get farther and farther away from the crime. People that we need to find are harder and harder to find," said Marion Police Major Jay McDonald.

He says though the investigation remains active, answers are elusive.

"We're one person away, one witness away from closing this case. And that person is out there in the community. And we're really begging them to come forward."

"They can't be allowed to get away with this,” said Dickerson. “I mean, he was a 64, 65 year old senior. The guy only weighed 115 pounds. What was so bad? What did he do so terrible that you had to beat him to death?"

Nothing will bring her brother back. Jeanette says at this point the most she can hope for is justice.

"I would like to face the people and tell them what they took from us- that they took my best buddy, my brother, my best friend."

Anyone with information on Tim Daso's death is asked to call Marion Police at 740-387-2222 or 740-375-TIPS.


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