Marion Franklin Teacher Apologizes After Using Crude Rap Lyrics In Class Assignment

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Reading, writing and rap.

A Columbus mother is upset after she says a worksheet, her son received from his music survey class, contained lyrics filled with profanity and images of violence.

It was an assignment, this Columbus mother says, left her speechless.  "I was appalled, I really didn't know what to say,” said Fran.  She says her son, a junior at Marion Franklin High School, was out sick so she had her daughter pick up his assignments from school.  That evening, Fran says her son went to his sister's house to start on his homework.

10TV obtained a copy of the worksheet that was an assignment was for students to look at a series of lyrics from different rap songs and determine whether the song was Pop rap, Gangsta rap, Conscious rap or alternative rap.

Fran’s daughter, Stephanie, called the worksheet inappropriate.  “It was uncomfortable for me to read.  My brother shouldn't have to do that type of work."

The two say the lyrics were filled with profanity and other hurtful words or used phrases, like, "..middle finger up if they try to read me my rights…" and "….we buy guns and more guns to give to the young…" which they say glorifies violence.

A Columbus City School Spokesperson says the principal talked with the mother and she seemed satisfied that she was able to remove her son from class.  Adding, "We take this very seriously. The teacher made a mistake, issued a letter of apology and corrected it.  The incident is under review."

Fran says she is pleased her son is out of the class, but thinks the class is off course.  "They say that kids listen to it all the time outside of school; that doesn't mean we should condone it in the school."

The district says the entire class did not receive an unedited handout.  It says the unedited handouts were incorrectly uploaded for students who needed to pick up an assignment that day.