Marion County Village Preparing For Possible Flooding

Officials Continue Search For Fix To Marion County's Persistent Flooding

Officials Continue Search For Fix To Marion County's Persistent Flooding

Marion County Village Preparing For Possible Flooding


Residents in three Marion County communities are bracing for the possibility of flooding.

Leaders of the villages of La Rue, Prospect and Green Camp got together Tuesday night to prepare for high water later in the week.

Teri Lawson said she still hasn't finished repairing her home from the last flood.

"Our floors, you can walk anywhere and they creak and dip in.  They are mushy," Lawson said.

In December, Lawson showed 10TV how much water made its way inside her home.

She said when the Scioto River crept over its banks, it poured into nearly every room.
She said she had nearly 16 inches of water in her living room, computer room, kitchen and bathroom.

Tuesday night Lawson and her daughter listened as Marion County and LaRue village leaders prepared for the potential of more flooding.     

Marion County EMA Director Harry Burdick said he is hoping the county won't see as much as water as it did in December.

Burdick said he wants residents to have what they need before the water rises.

"We are trying to get materials in here, where people could help themselves," Burdick said. 
Representatives from the Red Cross said they are also reaching out to residents, "We are going to make sure clean-up kits are pre-distributed to all of the clients in LaRue, Green Camp and Prospect," Sarah McNamee said. Volunteers said they will also be making calls to clients.

Red Cross representatives say a limited number of pallets are available to those who need them to elevate their belongings.

If you are interested you can contact the Marion County chapter of the Red Cross at 740-725-9141.

The Marion County EMA director said he will be reaching out to Columbus to see if dams along the Scioto could be opened.

He is also urging residents to hold off on repairing their homes from the last flood until this threat passes.