Marion Car Break-Ins Increase, Business Fights Back With Cameras


Complaints about car break-ins thefts are pouring into the Marion Police Dispatch Center on a daily basis.

They are coming from business lots, residential areas, and even cars parked just a block from the police station.

In November, officials said there were 21 reports taken on Fridays, 15 on Saturdays and another 21 on Sundays.

Stacy Cromwell said that her mother, step-mother, brother and friends have all been victims.

She also said patrons have had cars broken into at the Townhouse Tavern where she works.

“People don't even want to come in. We're losing business because someone wants to act like an idiot,” said Cromwell.

Townhouse Tavern had a camera watching their lot but where it is mounted makes it difficult to see the hundreds of cars in the lot at night.

The owner is now adding a new system with 19 cameras to watch the entire lot.

Owner John Hampton said he plans to catch those responsible.

“It will help us identify these suspects in the future also a possibility of getting a license plate depending how clear they are day night etc.,” said Lt. Daryl Burbaugh, Marion Division of Police.

Authorities said there’s no fool proof way to prevent these crimes of opportunity.

They remind drivers to use common sense, and if you leave something visible in a car, it may not be there when you get back.

Marion Police encourage citizens to report anything suspicious through their tip line 740- 375-TIPS.

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