Many Wait In Darkness While Power Restored To Neighboring Homes


Residents of one southeast side neighborhood need only look across the street for a source of hope and frustration.

Half of the neighborhood, located off Noe Bixby Road and Sedalia Drive, has power. Dan Moore and his family are among the unlucky neighbors in the dark.

With his windows propped open for relief from the heat, he can look across the street to well-lit stores and homes.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” Moore said.

Paul Browning lives in one of the lucky households. He said that he worries about his neighbors without power.

“It bothers me,” Browning said. “It’s heartbreaking because they’re losing their food, they’re not comfortable.”

Power was expected to be restored to the entire neighborhood by Friday. Until then, half of the neighborhood must wait, hope and sweat.

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