Mansfield Police Search For Suspect After Reports Of 3 Attempted Abductions


Mansfield Police are putting out a warning after three reports of attempted child abductions.

Benjamin Reader-Gibson is just glad to be home safe after a scare early Friday morning on North Main Street in Mansfield.

The 17-year-old says he had just gotten off work, but his ride was late so he started to walk.

That's when, he says, a man in a truck pulled up alongside him and kept offering a ride.

Reader-Gibson says that's when the guy got out of a pickup truck with a decal resembling a bird.

"And then he comes up, grabs the back of my shirt like right there and he's like 'Well I'm going to give you a ride anyways,'" he said.

Reader-Gibson says a struggle broke out, and the man hit him in the face.

He says he fought back, hitting the man at least twice.

He says the stranger took off in his truck.

Police are looking into another case reported on Woodville Road.

Senaca Hughes, 14, says she was walking by herself when a man in a car kept motioning at her to try to get her to come over.

"I put my phone in my pocket and I just took off running," she said.

Police are also looking into a third case on Central Avenue. Police said in each case the vehicle description is different, but they're still trying to figure out if it's the same stranger in each case.

Police said he's been described as being between 35 and 55 years old and having a skinny build.

"We want to hope that this is one individual so we're not out looking for two or three or more," said Mansfield Police Sgt. Doug Noblet.

Anyone with information is asked to call Mansfield Police at 419-522-1234.

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