Mansfield Pair Facing A Slew of Charges After Kidnapping Child For Drug Money, Leading Police On Two Chases


Two people face multiple charges after a kidnapping investigation, a police-involved car chase, and a manhunt in Mansfield.

The fiasco began on Saturday after officers responding to a domestic violence call at a Mansfield home uncovered a meth lab.  While they were on scene, the grandmother of a two-year-old boy arrived with a picture text of the child and a message reading "consider this a ransom". In the message, the kidnappers threatened to hold the boy until they got cash or cold medicine used to make meth.

Detectives tracked the kidnapped two-year-old and the pair they believed was responsible - Charly Ray Ledbetter and Deana Hebert - to an apartment on Koogle Road.

The child was found safe inside and Hebert was arrested.  However, several agencies chased after Ledbetter, who fled the scene upon their arrival. He crashed his car shortly after taking off and fled on foot.

On Sunday, officers responded to a report of a shoplifting at a Walmart pharmacy, where they discovered Ledbetter.  Authorities chased Ledbetter and three others from the store for more than four miles before they were pulled over.  Numerous drug paraphernalia items and a small amount of suspected drugs were located inside of the vehicle.

Ledbetter and Hebert are now facing several charges, including kidnapping.

The two-year-old remains in the custody of Children’s Services.