Man's Lawsuit Against Jail Clears Hurdle

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A man who says guards left him covered in feces for days in a Franklin County's Jackson Pike Jail gets good news in his case.

"I had no toothbrushes, no soap, I couldn't bathe," said Robert Krutko.

That's how Krutko says his stay in the jail began. He was brought in for a failure to appear in a civil case in Florida, then things got worse.

"Every time I would beg for medical, they would come and they would throw me down in the hole and strip me of my clothes and make me lay on a concrete floor with ice cold air blowing on you," said Krutko.

Once in the hole, something almost unimaginable happened to him. Krutko says sewage exploded from the toilet.

"We had it on us. I did, from head to toe," said Krutko. "Left me in there another five days with everything dried on me, burning, itching, scratching so bad I was bleeding."

Krutko says the guards taunted him and laughed at the situation.

Krutko sued the guards after his release in 2009, saying they violated his civil rights. The case has gone through the courts. The U.S. Court Of Appeals ruled the District Court needs to take another look at the case because it didn't initially look at the guards on an individual basis, rather as a group.  After reconsideration, the case could move on to trial. Krutko expects that.

"We know the case is moving forward so we're happy about that," said Krutko.

10TV News spoke with the sheriff's office. A representative says they think this decision is appropriate. They think the guards should be reviewed individually and say there's no evidence of any wrongdoing.