Man Who Tackled Escaped Inmate Was On Family Outing For Ice Cream

Man Who Tackled Escaped Inmate Was On Family Outing For Ice Cream
Shoppers In Ashland Store Capture Escaped Mansfield Inmate

An escaped prisoner is back behind bars today thanks to some alert customers and employees at the Olivesburg General Store near Ashland.

One customer noticed escaped convict James David Myers and wasted little time taking him down.

Surveillance video from the store shows Myers at the store’s cash register when Ashland resident Mark Cooper takes action and body slams the escapee to the ground.

"I'm confident enough in my strength that once I grab a hold of somebody like that, he's not going to get back up,” Cooper said.

Cooper tells 10TV he went out for ice cream at the Olivesburg General Store with his wife and son when he recognized Myers and then made eye contact with one of the employees.

"I saw him nod and say 'I think that's the guy'," said store employee Greg Gallaway.

Cooper says he stepped outside to make a quick call to 911 before going back into the store to take Myers down.

"Made sure my wife and son (were) away from him,” he said. “I just walked back over there and threw him to the ground."

Employees say that is when someone else grabbed some rope from a store shelf.

"Another customer helped tie him up right in front of the register and they held him there until the cops came,” Gallaway said.

Store owner, Connie Crossen, praised Cooper's efforts and wants him to try his family outing at her business again.

"Oh free ice cream…totally…free ice cream. You got it. Anything you want,” Crossen said.

But all Cooper wants is for his fifteen minutes of fame to be over.

"That's not what it's about. It's just keeping everybody safe and keeping people like (Myers) off the streets,” he said.

No word yet on how Myers escaped.

He was serving a sentence of 40 years to life for rape, kidnapping and other charges.

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