Man Who Saw Officer Hit By Vehicle Used Police Radio To Call For Help

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Brannon Rife was in the middle of his daily bread delivery run on Thursday morning, when he saw a driver lose control on the snow and run into a police officer walking to a disabled vehicle on Interstate 71.

"She went down, pushed her up against the embankment right there, and I knew she was either pinned under the vehicle or behind it," said Rife.

He made the decision to help which meant running across Interstate 71 to the other side of the highway.

"I just obviously waited until the traffic slowed down and those concrete embankments are a lot taller than they look, just kind of had to jump up over that and ran across and you know, was right there," he explained.

The officer was pinned.

"I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she's like get on my radio and call for help."

Another witness already had the microphone but didn't know the location. Brannon made the call.

"I honestly don't remember exactly what I said because I was kind adrenaline was flowing," said Brannon.

This is some of what he told the dispatcher: "A Columbus police officer is trapped under a car. She was trying to help somebody and another car hit the car she was going up to and she got pinned under the car."

"Within like two minutes, I heard sirens and there were like six or seven police officers there and then the medics started showing up, and then I just kind of backed out, gave my information to one of the police officers and then left."

On Friday, he was back to work as if nothing happened.

"I'm just glad she's all right, you know?"

The police officer needed surgery to repair some broken bones in her foot. She's expected to be ok.

Police charged the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash. Jarrett Lumpkin, 29, faces two counts of aggravated vehicular assault, OVI, and not having a valid license. He also failed to disclose to officers that he had marijuana in his shoe, according to police. That resulted in an additional felony conveyance charge.