Man Who Had Multiple Explosives In His Home Indicted On 7 Counts


A man who calls himself a sovereign citizen will face charges for having explosive devices in his home.

Mark Kulis, 55, was arrested near his Carolyn Drive home on Wednesday, January 15.

He was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. It was what police found after the arrest that brought the latest charges.

Authorities said Kulis' home contained explosives, including one in the oven that was linked to a motion sensor.

Kulis also had writing all over the walls of his home and posted anti-government messages on a tree in his yard.

A Franklin County Grand Jury has now indicted Kulis on six counts of Criminal Possession of an Explosive Device wiht Specification. He was also indicted for Carrying a Concealed Weapon because he had a gun with him at the time of his arrest.

Kulis faces more than 25 years in prison if convicted, according to the Franklin County Prosecutor.

He's due back in court on Monday, January 27.