Man Who Fired Bartender For Calling Police On Patron May Resign

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The man who fired a woman for calling police to report a drunken patron who got behind the wheel of a vehicle said he is considering resigning after his decision received national attention.

Mic Hubbard, the Post Commander of the American Legion, told 10TV News last week that he fired bartender Twyla DeVito for not following procedure after she reported a patron to police.

Patron Mike Ramey, 64, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with driving drunk. He has since pleaded no contest to an OVI charge and has had his license suspended for six months.

Now, Hubbard said he is considering leaving his job.

“The American Legion, nor myself, by any way condones or supports drunk driving,” Hubbard said.

He said DeVito was fired for not following procedure.

“Witnesses at the bar said she didn’t cut him off,” Hubbard said. “She didn’t ask any of them to give him a ride home, and she didn’t offer to call him a cab.”

10TV asked Hubbard about the possibility that DeVito saved multiple lives with her decision to call police.

“That’s the what-ifs,” Hubbard said. “There’s a lot of what-ifs there. There’s nothing more important than that, but we’re basing it on something that, what if it could have happened or did not happen?”

DeVito told 10TV News that she stands by her decision and would still report the patron.

“I have kicked drunks out, what good did it do me?” DeVito said. “I kicked them out, they got in a car and went home. They were driving.”

DeVito said that she still supports the American Legion and its work for veterans.

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Bartender Fired For Alerting Police To Drunken Patron Getting Behind Wheel