Man Uses iPhone Tracking Device To Catch Criminals


A man who was mugged was able to use the technology on his iPhone to track down the thieves.


Mitch Mucci told 10TV that the thieves took his iPhone, wallet, social security card, drivers license and even his sunglasses.


They may have gotten away with it, except for technology getting in the way.


It started when Mucci was approached by several strangers after returning home from a night out.


He said casual conversation led to threats of violence, including one of the men putting a gun to his head while the others took everything on him.


The thieves drove off.


But Mucci said it was the quick thinking of his wife  to use their iPhone tracking device  that helped save the day.


“Luckily for me, they left the phone on and it was only like five minutes, so I was able to pull it up and I just told the police officer, ‘Yeah, they're sitting right over here at Westerville and Agler (roads),’” said Mucci.


Columbus police officers said after a high-speed chase, they arrested three men: Jevon Little, Anthony Brown, and Steven Tolbert for aggravated robbery.


Officers also reported recovering eight other cell phones in the get-away car, at the same time they recovered Mucci's stolen phone.


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