Man Suspected Of Peeping Into Homes In East Side Neighborhood

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Police are hunting for a man who has been peeping into windows in an East Berwyn neighborhood, off of Picard Road, on the east side of Columbus.

Authorities believe they know who the man is, but they have not been able to catch him in the act.

One family told 10TV that enough is enough.

"He comes everyday almost, sometimes twice, sometimes three times a day,” said LaDonna Alexander.

Alexander said the peeping tom has turned her family's world upside down.  She said he paid his latest visit Monday morning.

“So, I looked up and he was standing in the window, and that was early, it was daylight,” said Alexander. “So, he had to step out from behind the bushes, and then he left, he ran."

The single mother of three also told 10TV what happened last Friday night, when her daughter was washing dishes.

"He slapped that window so hard we thought he shattered the window. But he slapped the window so hard that the orange picture just flew out of the window into the sink.  She obviously jumped, slipped and fell,” she added.

Alexander hopes the guy looking in her windows and prowling around her house is eventually caught. So far, this peeping tom has stayed outside the house, but she doesn't even want to think about what could happen next.

"Is he going to hide in a closet, and just jump out on us when we come in? We're really, really scared,” she added.

Alexander said she carries a weapon and will use it if the man comes into her home.

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