Man Shot By OSU Great Stillwagon Says Incident Was Misunderstanding


The man who police said was shot by an Ohio State football legend says he was not trying to anger him.

Jim Stillwagon was the first man to win the Lombardi Trophy but now he is charged with felonious assault.

Stillwagon and Richard Mattingly were driving near U.S. Route 42 and U.S. 33 when one of them cut the other off.

Mattingly said the incident really stemmed from a misunderstanding. He said that his truck was not working properly and that he was trying to tell Stillwagon about it.

"He thought, I think, that I was messing with him because my truck was acting up," Mattingly said. "My transmission was jerking. It was speeding up. It was slowing down."

Delaware City police said that for the next 15 minutes, the two started arguing with one another while driving.

"The first chance I had to pull over, I did to let him pass," Mattingly said. "But rather than continue with his life, he decided to try to kill me."

Police said the conflict continued for 14 miles and became violent along the ramp on U.S. 23 and East Williams Street.

On Tuesday, police told 10TV News that they planned to get a search warrant to search Mattingly's truck. Mattingly said that Stillwagon got angry because his truck kept speeding up and slowing down. He attributed the problem to transmission issues.

"He slowed down again. He pulled back and came behind me," Mattingly said. "Changing three lanes of traffic, he was going crazy."

Mattingly, who was convicted in Wisconsin in 1996 for the reckless homicide of his 3-month-old son, managed to pull into a parking lot of an Autozone store, where police said Stillwagon pistol whipped Mattingly, forcing his gun to go off.

"That's when I see all of a sudden from his bike," Mattingly said. "All of a sudden, he started unloading."

Dozens of witnesses called police who arrested Stillwagon and charged him with felonious assault.

Stillwagon was arraigned and released from jail. He declined to comment on the incident, requesting that his privacy be respected.

Stillwagon's attorney said that his behavior was out of character. He said that there was a reason why Stillwagon reacted the way he did and that it would be revealed in trial.

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