Man Running Marathon To Help Friend’s Dream Come True

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Lindsay Giannobile is a 30-year-old breast cancer survivor. Her diagnosis came just two years ago.

She went through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to get the cancer into remission, but her story was not over.

“That was when the world came crashing down a little bit more and we got Lindsay's second diagnosis that the cancer had spread,” said Samantha Wahl, Lindsay’s sister.

Treatment to stop the spread of the cancer and save Lindsay’s life would rob her of the one thing she wanted most, to give life to a child of her own.

“Not having a child, or not being able to carry a child has kept her up just as many nights as the fact that she actually has cancer,” added Tony Giannobile, Lindsay’s husband.

Aware of the risks, Lindsay and Tony decided to freeze her eggs prior to her treatment.

Now a friend has come forward with an offer to carry their child.

And another friend, Matthew Russo, is now taking their story a step further and farther.

“The only thing keeping them from being parents was the monetary issue, because the cost of surrogacy is so high. So I decided to run the marathon in her honor and raise some money and some awareness for both of them,” said Russo.

The goal is to run the Columbus Marathon and raise more than $26,000 for Lindsay.

Matthew said doctors are pleased with the early results of Lindsay's treatment, and are confident they will be able to contain the cancer's spread.

The Columbus Marathon is on October 21.