Man Remembers Terry Thompson, Exotic Animals


A central Ohio man who had been inside the home of Terry Thompson shared his experience with Terry Thompson’s  exotic animals on Wednesday.

Dr. Robert Masone said he was one of the few people ever invited inside Thompson’s farm, 10TV’s Kevin Landers reported.

“He was like a Doctor Doolittle living peacefully on this little oasis of his,” said Masone.

Masone told Landers that Thompson properly cared for the animals.

“It hurts because he's being depicted as a maniac who was out of control and he's actually the opposite,” Masone said.

However, Masone said he realized that Thompson could not handle all of the animals on his own, Landers reported.

“I think he went too far.  He had too many animals, got to be too much, he felt the loss of control and led to his whole despair thing,” said Dr. Masone.

Masone said Thompson had told him that he served in Vietnam .

According to Masone, Thompson’s despair was connected to his experience as a soldier.

“I think he was trying to be a recluse trying to withdraw from society trying to withdraw from his Vietnam trauma,” Dr. Masone said.

After Thompson’s arrest on federal gun charges, Masone said Thompson’s finances diminished, leaving him unable to care for the animals, Landers reported.

“This was an act of a man in total despair,” said Masone.  “His last statement (was when he) opened up all the cages and then took his own life and that's a terrible place to be."

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