Man Paralyzed By Falling Branch During Storm Clean-Up


A man continued to recover Tuesday after a piece of falling wood changed his life forever.

When the worst of last week’s storms had passed, Michael Robison took to his backyard to clear the debris.

“We don't know if he was reaching up to get a limb or if he was just out cleaning up around it, but he heard a large branch start to fall from a tree,” Michael’s son, Justin Robison said. “I guess he heard it and tried to outrun it, but he couldn't outrun it. It hit the back of his head and then landed on his back”

The impact severed Michael Robison’s spinal cord. His pastor said that the size of the limb and the force of the impact was comparable to being struck by a truck.

Justin Robison said that his father does not remember exactly what happened, and was struggling to accept his prognosis.

“He's dad,” Justin Robison said. “Always strong, always rebounds from anything. (He) loves to golf, loves to run, loves to bike."

Robison said that he is doing the best he can to say the right thing and motivate his father.

“He gave me 25 great years and I’m hoping for 25 more with him,” Justin Robison said. “I don't care what condition he's in, as long as I can have my dad."

Michael Robison remains hospitalized in serious condition.

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