Man Injured When Concrete Fell From Bridge Warns Others About Risks On Ohio Highways


Jonathan Ambrose was a passenger in his friend's truck, travelling down Interstate 71 south, when concrete from the Hudson Street Bridge came crashing through the windshield.
"The hole in the windshield was probably 2 feet by about a foot and a half, in the dead center of the windshield," said Ambrose.
10TV first reported the story in 2010, when Ambrose said the incident left him with a broken collarbone, broken ribs and a partially punctured lung.
There is a calcium deposit still sticking out of his collarbone that he said is a result of his injuries.
Click here to see images from the crumbling bridge.
Ambrose and the driver of the vehicle filed a lawsuit against ODOT, arguing the state should have known the deteriorating concrete posed an unreasonable danger.
But a magistrate judge recently ruled in favor of ODOT, saying it did not have prior notice of a defect in the bridge or deterioration of concrete -- and therefore, is not responsible for damages.
"Because if they're not responsible for it, then who is?" Ambrose asked. "It's I-71 south, it's a major highway and a division of ODOT. It should be covered by them, but it's not."
An ODOT spokesperson said the Hudson Street Bridge passes regular annual inspections but declined further comment.
Ambrose said he is speaking out, because he wants other drivers to be aware of the risks they assume on Ohio's highways.
"Be careful on the roads, if you get into an accident," Ambrose said. "They're not responsible. Nobody is."
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