Man Indicted For Hit-Skip Crash With Bicyclist, Victim Speaks Publicly For First Time

Man Indicted For Hit-Skip Crash With Bicyclist, Victim Speaks Publicly For First Time
Man Indicted For Hit-Skip Crash With Bicyclist, Victim Speaks Publicly For First Time

A Grove City man is charged tonight in a horrific bicycle crash last Labor Day weekend.
10TV has learned about the indictment of the alleged driver of a car that struck -- and almost killed --  44-year-old Brad Young of Hilliard.

Brad Young tells 10TV he was always hopeful - and glad that this day would come.

After a more than four-month investigation, 42-year-old Randall E. Pennington is charged with two felonies:  one for failing to stop after an accident; the second for tampering with evidence.

Pennington remains free until his arraignment in a few weeks.
Tuesday afternoon, Brad Young talked for the first time publicly about the crash that almost ended his life.

"I remember nothing about that day, or the first week in the hospital," he told 10TV’s Chuck Strickler in an exclusive interview.

September 1, 20-13, the husband and father of 5 went out for a bike ride.

But less than a half-mile from his house, he was hit by a car from behind along Dublin Road.

He went flying through the air, landing on his head, his helmet splintering apart, part of his bike landing across the street.

Police say the person who hit him drove away and left him dying in the roadway.

"I'd just like to know what they were thinking, and why they did what they did.” Young said.  “I think I deserve that."

Brad spent weeks in the hospital, recovering from a brain injury, broken ribs and bruises and cuts.

All the while, support for him and his family poured in from the community.

He says some of his memories took some time to come back, but he's back to work and finished with rehab.

“I'm doing pretty good, the recovery has been long but I take it day by day,” Young said.  “I'm just fortunate I had injuries that are recoverable. It didn't do any permanent damage, so that's good.”

Police say they had evidence from the scene, but the big break in the case came after a second request for tips from the public in late September - and one witness in particular.

"We had pieces to the puzzle, but that witness really assisted us in putting those pieces together through our investigation to link the vehicle with the crash," said Hilliard Police Department Lt. Ron Clark.

"I didn't know we'd get to this point, which I guess that's good,” added Young.  “The biggest thing I'd like to see is that the person gets help.  Someone who did what they did probably needs some help."

And for himself - what he says is only right.

“I'd like to see my bills taken care of, and my lost wages at work , and maybe a new bike - I don't have a bike,” Young added, chuckling.”

Young says wearing a helmet was always a habit - one he now admits probably saved his life.

“It’s a little bit of relief to know that justice might be served,” said Young.

Pennington's arraignment is set for February 3.

After the criminal case, there is likely to be a civil case...

Young’s attorney says the medical bills and lost wages amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But Brad says he's not interested in pursuing punitive damages.

He says the faith and support of his family and friends have pulled him through - and he's just thankful - to be alive, and well – again.