Man Helps Others On Anniversary Of Fatal Columbus DUI Crash

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June 22nd, 2013, a 3 am collision on I-670.  Vincent Canzani was killed by Matthew Cordle who left the bar drunk and drove the wrong way.

Cordle confessed to the accident with a video posted on YouTube through the non-profit "Because I Said I Would," an organization about keeping promises.

On the one year anniversary of Canzani's death, "Because I Said I Would" founder Alex Sheen stood on a corner by his neighborhood bar and held a sign, offering a free ride to anyone who wanted it.

"At first people look at you weird, right?  You hold a sign anywhere, doing almost anything and people kind of default to thinking you're odd," said Sheen.

Then he got some takers.

"For those who were kind of reflecting on their own decisions that night, they started kind of warming up to it,"  said Sheen.

Sheen has always thought Cordle is remorseful for what he did and wants to take responsibility and positive steps forward.

"He's in prison where he belongs, he can't do anything so I thought I'd do something," said Sheen.

But the focus for this wasn't on Cordle, just a simple move to stop others from drinking and driving.

"It's not about Matt, it never has been, this is something to honor the victim,"  said Sheen.

And what was a one time thing might turn into something more.

"I might do it again, it was really just this one night but it was quite the experience so, who knows?"  Sheen said.

Cordle was sentenced to six years in prison.  Sheen does message with him but says this was not Cordle's idea. 

It was something he felt he wanted to do for Vincent Canzani.

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