Man Faces Charges In Woman's Death


A man has been indicted in the death of a Madison County woman found dead long a rural road.
Investigators say a man dumped her there.
The Madison County prosecutor indicted 31-year-old Tye Fannin. They believe he dumped Bridgette Blaney. He's facing a charge of abuse of a corpse.
Fannin is being held on an unrelated charge in the Pickaway County jail.
Bonnie Sowers, Bridgette's mother, is trying to deal with this new development in her daughter's death.
"We greatly miss her. There's a void there you just can't fill," said Sowers.
The last two pictures she has of her daughter now smile at her daily. They are hung on the living room wall.
"She had a lot of charisma. She had a great personality. She added a lot to my life, to people around her that knew her," said Sowers.
The young mother was found dead in November after a night out with friends. Her body was dumped along Woods Oppossum Run Road in Mt. Sterling. It's about 20 miles from her home.
A Madison County Sheriff's detective confirms 31-year-old Tye Fannin, is now indicted for abuse of a corpse in her death. Sowers knew her daughter was meeting Fannin that night at a gas station near their Circleville home.
"They picked her up. There were three of them and they were going to Grove City to a ball game at someone's house," said Sowers.
As Sowers understands it, they all stayed at the friend's house and Blaney died sometime in the night. Investigators believe Fannin drove her body to Madison County and left her in a driveway. The homeowner discovered the body.
How she died is still a mystery. Sowers says Blaney was a recovering drug addict, but hadn't used in months. Her mother says she also had a possibly fatal lung condition.
"Two detectives and the sheriff that found her in Madison County came to the door and after I brought them in, I knew she was gone," said Sowers.
The Madison County Sheriff's Office tells 10TV the indictment is sealed.
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