Man Expected To Be Charged In Connection With Threat Against Dublin School

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Over the last calendar year, there have been at least a half dozen bomb threats to central Ohio schools.

Last Friday, one forced the evacuation of Dublin Jerome High School.

The school received an email indicating there was an explosive device in the building.

Nothing was found and police worked with phone companies and internet providers to catch who did it within a day.

The name of the person was not immediately released.

"With technology, as we found out in this case, we can track pretty much anything down eventually, " said Lt. Steve Farmer of Dublin Police.

Police said the motives are often the same like trying to get out of school or a test or trying to impress friends.

Administrators said bomb threats go beyond average teenage mistakes.

"Anyone that was involved or has ever been involved in one of these situations with the energy and intensity it brings to the site. It's a scary thing, said Dr. David Axner, Dublin Schools Superintendent.

And can affect the entire student body.

"In this post-9/11 era, yeah, they're victims because they don't know what's going on. They see the news, they see the Columbine's, they see the Aurora, Colorado's. It's not funny anymore," added Farmer.

Once a threat is made, no matter what school or how that threat is carried out police say a student could expect to face felony inducing panic charges. Those potentially cloud a student's future forever.

"It's going follow them around for quite some time. When it becomes public, people are going to know what that kid did, and it's really hard to outrun that," said Farmer.

A man, whose identity was withheld pending official charges, was arrested in connection with the email threat.

In the Dublin School District, a student found guilty of these type of crimes could face anywhere from a 10-day suspension to expulsion from school.

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