Man Creates Disturbance In Central Ohio Movie Theater


The opening day for the film Oz turned scary for a number of movie goers in Grove City when a man started yelling in the theater.

The incident was reported at the Star Cinemas on Stringtown Road.

Carolyn May took her great grandchildren to see the movie around 6:40 p.m. when the theater was disrupted.

“Someone in the back yelled out different things, I thought we had a heckler in the movie or something,” said May.

Surveillance images provided by the cinema show the incident involving a man who was reportedly intoxicated at the time.

“It was during the most popular movie of the night. It was like 60 people in there,” said Joe Kunz, Star Cinemas.

Kunz said two men entered the building and walked toward the bathroom, but changed direction and went into the theaters.

“We all kind of turned around, but it was kind of dark so you really couldn't see what was going on. My heart started beating really fast, I felt really nervous,” said May.

Kunz said the man returned to the lobby and demanded popcorn while claiming to be on drugs. The man’s language became more vulgar. He allegedly tried to pick a fight and get behind the refreshment counter.

Star Cinemas called police, but the man fled the scene.

The company is working with police to try and track down the man responsible.

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