Man Cited For Pushing Stroller While Intoxicated

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A man was cited after he was seen pushing his 5-month-old daughter in a stroller while allegedly intoxicated Wednesday afternoon.

According to police reports, Alex Cohen was swaying and slurring his speech while talking to police.

Linda Hunsicker called authorities Cohen staggering while walking the stroller along Mount Pleasant Avenue.

“It's very disappointing that a parent would actually do that,” said Hunsicker.

She was driving home from work when she spotted Cohen.

“He had the stroller in his left hand and the dog attached. He was talking on his cell phone and as he turned, the stroller started tipping,” she said. “The stroller started going up onto the hill and then he brought it back down and then I kept watching him. He kept staggering down through the street and I thought, I better call the police.”

Police caught up with him on Wyandotte Street.

Police said that Cohen, 26, eventually admitted to drinking. Officers found two open mason jars of beer underneath the stroller.

According to the police report, Cohen’s daughter was showing signs of being cold and was not well covered, police said.

“The officer at the communication center, she's the one who called me and told me that they caught him and that they were calling Child Protective Services. And the only thing I could do, I say 'outstanding,’” added Hunsicker.

Cohen was cited for having an open container and for public intoxication.

No one answered at Cohen’s address on Friday when WBNS-10TV attempted to get content.

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