Man Charged In Deadly Crash After Claiming Girlfriend Was Behind The Wheel When She Was Killed

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Six months after a deadly crash, Oscar Staton, Jr. is being charged with Aggravated Vehicular Homicide.

Jessica Hubble was only 22-years old when she was killed in a drunken driving crash.
Her mother says it still doesn't seem real.

“I still get upset about Jessica every day,” says Mindy Hubble.

The crash happened last October, when sheriff's investigators say this SUV careened off Fisher Road. Jessica was thrown from the car, and killed.

Investigators say her boyfriend, Oscar Staton Jr, told everyone Jessica was behind the wheel.

That's what made me hate him,” added Mindy.

Mindy Hubble didn't believe Staton's story.

“They thought he was lying.”

And neither did Sheriff Zach Scott's investigators, but they needed more evidence.

When it happened, he was out walking the streets the next day, you know? I think he thought he was going to get by with it,” said Scott.

Investigators say the physical evidence at the scene contradicted Staton's story. Jessica was thrown from the vehicle, but the driver's side door was still intact.

And there were eyewitnesses who put Staton behind the wheel. Investigators needed one more piece of the puzzle, the results of a court ordered blood alcohol test.

“Even though it was almost four hours later, he was still legally drunk,” added Scott.

Investigators say Staton was drunk, he was driving, and he's to blame for Jessica's death.

“Sometimes I wish, and I know that's bad to say, but sometimes I just wish it would have been the other way around,” says Mindy.

Mindy Hubble says she feels like a part of her is missing. The grief stricken mother carries her daughter's ashes in a heart she wears around her neck.

Staton is now formally charged with Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, a conviction could send him to prison for as many as ten years.