Man Charged For Allegedly Taking Pornographic Pictures Of Teen He Was Having Relationship With

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In Ohio, 16 is the age of consent, so even for a 45-year-old man, having consensual sex with a 16 year old isn't a crime.

But taking sexual photos or videos of a minor is.

That's why Ty Hendershot is charged with a felony.

Hendershot’s wife, who asked 10TV News not to be named, said her family has been blown apart.
"He was like my best friend. He finished my sentences, I finished his. There was nothing we couldn't talk about. And I trusted him,” she said.

Today, that trust is gone.

She says her belief in her husband began unraveling a few weeks ago, when she learned he was having a relationship with a 16-year-old friend of the family.

"I'd tell him ‘This has to end, this has to end. This can't be around my child, this has to end,’" she said. "I was so scared. It escalated to the point that he picked up weapons that we have in the house and spin them or swing them around, going 'You will suck it up and you will drive on, and this will happen. And you're just going to go along with it.’”

She began looking into divorce proceedings.

But she says the ultimate shock came Wednesday night, when Columbus police executed a search warrant at her home on Lowridge Drive.

Police say her husband had been doing more than having sex with the teen.

"I found out that he had taken pictures and video of her when the detectives showed me," she says. "I can't even say how hurt I am, how ashamed I am. I feel like it's my fault. I should have known. I should have known. But I didn't know. And I know there are going to be people that don't believe me, but I didn't know."

Now she is questioning everything about the man she loved and is wondering where she goes from here.

"Did I even know him? Was it all a sham?” she said. "Nothing I can say can fix it. Nothing. And it's not in my hands. I can just fix me. I can just keep my daughter safe. That's all I can do."

Ty Hendershot is charged with pandering obscenity involving a minor.

His wife said that after she confronted him about his relationship with the girl, he attempted suicide.

He has been at a hospital in Ross County, but Friday, by request of Columbus police, Ross County deputies arrested him and are holding him at the Ross County Jail.

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