Man Charged After Fight Resulted In 90-Year-Old Grandmother’s Death

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A Columbus man was back in custody at the Franklin County Jail on Thursday after reportedly being attacked by fellow inmates in a case of "jailhouse justice."

John Spindler was hospitalized at Grant Medical Center for his injuries after the beating that happened when he was jailed after being charged with assaulting his 90-year-old grandmother.

Her injuries sustained in the alleged assault have since led to her death.

It happened at the woman's home on Vilardo Lane in Whitehall.

Spindler's cousin, James McCray, said when he left his grandmother's home that afternoon, his cousin and aunt were arguing.

Spindler’s mother told police that her son attacked her after she told him to get a job.

"They got into an argument," McCray said. "And the next thing I know, I seen three cop cars here. And then the next minute, the squad was here."

The fight, he said, turned physical.

McCray said when his 85-pound grandmother tried to pull his cousin off his aunt, he threw the 90-year-old woman to the ground.

"All I knew is she had her pelvis broken in three places and her arm broke," said McCray.

But he said he had no idea her injuries would prove fatal.

Annerea McCray died on Wedensday at Mount Caramel East Hospital.

John Spindler is currently charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

The Franklin County Prosecutor's Office told 10TV News that they will request a high bond when Spindler is formally arraigned on Friday.

More serious charges are possible.

McCray conceded his cousin has anger problems, but maintained he would never would have intentionally hurt their grandmother.

"I love you, man, you're right here. You got to forgive," he said.

Another family member who called the newsroom said that McCray did not speak for the family, who is grieving and dealing with the loss of their grandmother and the recovery of Spindler.  

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