Man Charged After Allegedly Taking Off With Mother, 2-Year-Old Girl

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A man was facing domestic violence and assault charges on Saturday after allegedly taking a young child from her mother using force.

According to police, Jeffrey Wyche, 22, went to a home in the 2300 block of Rankin Avenue and asked for his 2-year-old daughter to be placed in the car with him.

The mother, who was staying with a friend, Darrell Drew, at the home on Rankin Avenue, then allegedly was forced into the vehicle with Wyche.

Drew said that Wyche had been texting the young mother the night before.

“She said she was scared,” Drew said. “He was texting all night, saying he was going to kill her. Just a bunch of verbal threats.”

Drew said that he tried to help his 19-year-old friend, the child’s mother.

“He just reached over and grabbed her from the driver’s seat, and that’s when I kind of started punching at him, and he was driving off with me on the side of the car, and he just took off,” Drew said. “I just ripped it open, like punching ‘boom, boom’ while meanwhile, the car is driving, and I’m holding on for my life.”

Police said that Wyche dropped the mother off at an unknown location a short time later and then returned to the Rankin Avenue home.

Just as investigators were preparing to issue an Amber Alert, officers said that they were able to make contact with Wyche and convinced him to return the child.

Wyche dropped the 2-year-old back off at the Rankin Avenue home shortly after 1:35 p.m. Saturday and was arrested.

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