Man At Center Of Buckeye Scandal Sells Memorabilia


The man at the center of the Buckeye tattoo scandal is selling the controversial memorabilia involved.

10 Investigates has confirmed Ed Rife is selling the rings and other memorabilia that touched off the scandal that rocked the Ohio State University football team in 2011.

The controversy cost coach Jim Tressel his job.

Rife's attorney, Steve Palmer, confirmed Rife is using someone to sell the merchandize online.

"He owns these items," Palmer said. "And now they're for sale."

According to eBay, one ring that belonged to Terrelle Pryor sold for $18,000.

Pryor and others traded their rings to Rife in exchange for tattoos.

The federal government discovered the situation when it busted Rife for selling drugs.

Rife, now in a Cincinnati area halfway house, has set new priorities in his life, according to Palmer.

"I think he now understands what's important to him," Palmer said.  "And it's certainly not material items."

Rife is scheduled to finish his federal sentence in October, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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