Man Calls For Action From Columbus Leaders To Close After-Hours Club


A man whose nephew was murdered over the weekend called for change Monday night.

Victor Peoples urged Columbus city council to take a serious look at the problems of after-hours bars in the city. 

"After 5 murders, my nephew being the 5th, what can the city do to get this building torn down?" he told council members. 

People's lives across the street from an after-hours bar on Kimball Place. 

"For the past 30 years that establishment has been an after- hours club," says Peoples. 

He argues he's called police numerous times to complain about loud noise and gun shots.

Police tell 10TV they have no record of complaints about the place.

People's nephew, Marcus Vancleaf, 32, was shot death late Saturday night.

"We need CPD to go in whether uniform or undercover officers go in identify what illegal activity is going on an hold people accountable," says councilmember Zach Klein, who heads the public safety committee.

Klein says after hours bars are wreaking havoc on neighborhoods. 

"If you are having people over and you're operating illegally you should be held accountable and you should go to jail  so we clean up our neighborhoods," Klein says. 

Victor Peoples says he won't be satisfied until the bar near his home is torn down and he has a message for the person who took his nephew's life. "You're a coward," he says. 

Peoples is hoping someone who was at the bar the night will come forward to help solve his nephew's murder.

The after-hours bar of this latest homicide is not the only one operating in Columbus. 

Police used a search warrant 3 days ago to raid an after-hours bar at 909 Seymour Avenue for illegally selling liquor and trafficking drugs.

To file a complaint against a problem establishment, the city urges people to call the 3-1-1 call center or call police directly and provide as much detail as you can about what you're seeing.