Man Busted For Allegedly Stealing Books, Including Bible, From Westerville Church


A Westerville church was broken into earlier this month.

According to police, 19-year-old Sebastian Beckman broke into the American Baptist Church and stole several books.

Deacon Bob Schultz and a fellow pastor came to church on Sunday, June 15, and discovered the break-in.

"We noticed the door was open, and the door frame is all cracked," said Schultz.

At first, there was no indication of a theft.

“We started looking around to see if anything was missing, and at that point, we didn’t see anything obvious,” Schultz said.

Then, he realized several books were taken.

Soon, it was determined that the suspect may have been at the church earlier in the week.

According to Schultz, the owner of the daycare below the church had come across the alleged thief on Friday. The suspect had books that he claimed he was there to drop off at the church.

“She said ‘I can take those for you’,” Schultz said. “So she brought them in and put them beside the door for our pastor and never thinking much after that.”

The daycare owner was able to positively identify the suspect through a photo lineup. Police then arrested Beckman for the crime. Police also located his identification card on a dirt path near the church.

Schultz says despite the break-in, the suspect is welcome to back to the church.

However, he says he may want to come back during worship and listen to the message