Man Believed To Have Falsely Confessed To Murder Could Be Released


Serving a life sentence for a murder not even the police thought he committed, a central Ohio man on Friday was told he may soon be released from prison.

Even the victim's wife is ecstatic about a judge's ruling, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

When Ted White was found dead 22 years ago, brutally beaten in his furniture store, the crime went unsolved for four years until Glenn Tinney told the prosecutor he did it.

Tinney's attorney, White's wife, and police never believed he committed the crime.

Tinney is mentally ill, and confessed to the crime despite the fact that there were no witnesses and no physical evidence to tie him to the crime.

White's widow, Janet Hale, along with University of Cincinnati Innocence Project, have fought for Tinney's release from prison.

A Richland County judge reviewed the case and on Friday requested that Tinney's conviction be thrown out, calling it "unreliable."

In his ruling, the judge wrote, "While it is not possible to determine whether Mr. Tinney is innocent, his confessions provide no serious support for his conviction."

Hale said she has waited 18 years to hear those words.

"I'm elated," Hale said. "I'm thrilled. It's the best news I've had in years, it's great."

Investigators still do not know who killed White. Hale said she hopes this latest break in the case will help provide her with the answer.

"My hope is that they will go after the person who murdered my husband," Hale said.

Ohio has seven days to decide whether it wants to re-try Tinney on the murder charge or release him.

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