Man Arrested For Alleged Paving Scam That Drained Couple’s Bank Account

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A year-long fight to recover thousands of dollars in an alleged paving scam could soon be over for a local couple.

Emerson Willis, 82, and his wife Alice, 75, paid nearly $22,000 for a paving job that they said left their driveway disintegrating.

“It aggravates you to think we paid all that money, and we didn’t get a nice driveway,” Alice said.

In July 2011, authorities said that workers of a company called State Construction, led by Terry Langston, knocked on the Willis’ door with an offer to repave their driveway. Within days, the material started to crumble, the couple said.

“They’re just preying on older people, that’s all they’re doing,” Emerson said.

Consumer 10 spoke with Langston in 2011. At the time, he said that he did not run a scam operation.

Langston ended up paying back the Willis’ $1,500 and then left town.

According to authorities, weeks after Langston left town, a couple in Ellis County, Kan., reported a similar scam.

Langston was arrested on Aug. 10 in New Mexico and was recently extradited to Kansas to face felony theft by deception charges.

Langston was indicted on similar charges in connection with the Willis’ case.

“I didn’t think he’d ever be caught,” Alice said.

“I didn’t think there was any chance, because I knew he was moving from state to state," Emerson said.

The couple plans to see Langston in court.

“He’s got what’s coming,” said Emerson. “I’ll probably have a few things to say. When something like this comes up, you’ve got to check these people out, and you should talk to some of your family and ask what they think. You’ve got to be on your toes, because, I’ll tell you, they’re really sharp.”

According to the Ohio Attorney General, Langston will be extradited to Ohio after the case in Kansas is complete.

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