Man Arrested After Impersonating Police Officer & Kidnapping Woman

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Police say a man claimed he was an officer of the law and he used that authority to kidnap a woman this morning.  But his plan failed after a series of strange events that allowed the woman to get away.

It happened along Brookway road in east Columbus.

Police say around 1:30 a.m., Samuel Worthy stopped his 33-year-old victim near Livingston and Brookway.  He told the woman he was a police officer, had a gun, and told her to get in his car.  

The victim complied, and once inside, Worthy drove a short distance, planning to assault her.

However, Worthy crashed his car into a ditch and the victim seized the opportunity to escape and call 911.

Meanwhile, Worthy ran from his vehicle to his home.

By time police arrived at the home, they ran his license plate number and tracked him down to an address on Olney Drive.   It's there where they found him hiding in a closet and made an arrest.

Worthy is expected to be charged with attempted sexual battery, kidnapping and impersonating a police officer.