Man To Appear In Court For Allegedly Making Twitter Threats To Kill Pres. Obama


An east side man is locked up, accused of using Twitter to threaten President Barack Obama and local school children.

Daniel Temple, 36, admitted to Secret Service agents on Thursday that he sent the messages to the President’s Twitter accounts.

He sent explicit tweets at Obama, such as: "You (expletive) traitor. Im coming to kill you” and "@BarackObama (expletive) you. I’m killing you soon."

The threatening tweets, sent between March 21st and 24, sent the Secret Service in action.

"We interviewed the suspect, and after our interview concluded, we presented the facts to the United States Attorney's Office and we decided to proceed with charges," said Jonathan Schuck, resident agent in charge.

Schuck said anything a threat is made, the Secret Service will knock on their door and talk to them, their friends and their neighbors to determine how serious the threat is.

A criminal complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court in Columbus.

According to the criminal complaint, Temple admitted to posting the rants including one that went beyond targeting the president. It says "Im coming to kill you. I could be a serious threat to someone. There are 10 schools within five minutes of me. There are malls."

If convicted, Temple could spend up to five years in a federal prison proving how free speech can quickly turn into a federal crime.

"Whatever the political view they have, that is their right. They don't have to necessarily like the person in the office, but they cannot threaten the life or the safety of that person," Schuck said.

Secret Service officials said that more threats are reported during campaign years, and 10 to 15 of those are reported in the central Ohio area.

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