Man Allegedly Admits To Smoking Crack Before Robbing Bexley Bank


A man arrested in connection with robbing a bank also is accused of trying to disarm and officer at the time of his arrest.

According to court documents, Mark Haynes was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery in connection with robbing a Chase Bank, located at 2660 E. Main St. in Bexley, on Nov. 20.

Prosecutors said that Haynes, 53, allegedly admitted to smoking crack before robbing the bank of nearly $3,000. He said that he robbed the bank to purchase clothing and more crack.

Haynes was arrested on Nov. 24.

Court documents stated that at the time of his arrest, Haynes lunged at an officer, grabbed his gun and tried to unholster it in attempt to disarm the officer.

Haynes was charged with two counts of attempt and one count of assault on a police officer in connection with that incident.

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