Man Admits To Bestiality, Says He ‘Made Love’ To Dog


A man who admitted to having sex with his dog will not face jail time.

Evidence photos obtained by 10TV show Peter Bower with two of the dogs he used to own. A file of evidence against Bower also contained a love letter he addressed to his dog named Maggie, 10TV’s Glenn McEntyre reported.

In the letter, Bower wrote repeatedly of his love for Maggie and admited to having sex with her. "We made love," he wrote.

The file also contained photographs of Bower engaged in sexual intercourse with the dog.

In the absence of a law banning bestiality in Ohio, the strongest charge prosecutors could pursue against Bower was animal cruelty, McEntyre reported.

In order to prove animal cruelty, prosecutors had to prove that the animals were injured because of the sexual contact Bower had with them.

“The prosecutor moved to dismiss several charges that he felt he could not prove due to the fact that he could not show the actual harm to the animal,” Shelby Municipal Court Judge Jon Schaefer said.

Schaefer said both sides agreed to a plea deal. In exchange for a “no contest” plea to charge of injuring animals, Bowers was sentenced to community service, mandatory counseling and was banned from owning animals again.

Investigators, the prosecutors and the judge all said that under current Ohio law, it was the best they could do.

“I think the resolution is appropriate because we have a very sick individual,” Schaefer said. “This way we’re gonna get that individual, hopefully, into counseling.”

They say for a tough sentence, Ohio will need to create a tougher law.

Schaefer said that if Bower fails to get counseling he could be ordered to jail for 180 days.

Bower declined to comment, McEntyre reported.

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