Man Accused of Stabbing Ohio Wesleyan University Class President Speaks Out


The man accused of stabbing an Ohio Wesleyan University student in the chest tells 10TV he didn’t do it.

Eber is accused of breaking into the Chi Phi fraternity house earlier this month and stabbing Anthony Peddle while he slept in his bed. Tuesday Nick Eber pleaded not guilty to multiple felony counts, including attempted murder.

In court, prosecutors revealed Eber’s history of stalking, claiming someone filed two complaints against him for stalking in November of last year.

Eber contends he didn’t stab Peddle, in fact, he said the two are friendly.

Nick Eber has only been in jail a few days, but tells 10TV that he thinks often of the possibility of remaining in prison for years.

“I’m just kind of going through the motions, one day at a time, hoping it all clears up.” Nick Eber said.

Delaware police said around 3:30 a.m. on May 3rd, Eber broke into the Chi Phi fraternity house.

Prosecutors said he went into Anthony Peddle's room and stuck a knife in his chest while he slept.  10TV reporter Jennifer Jarrell asked, “Police say you are the one who tried to kill him in his bed. Did you do it?” Eber replied, “No, not at all.”  Jarrell asked, “Do you know who did it?” Eber replied “No, believe me, I wish I did.”

Eber said he previously dated Peddle's roommate.

According to a search warrant obtained by 10TV, police said Eber blamed Peddle for the breakup and the inability to reconcile their relationship, and the two had a long-standing feud, but Eber says that's not true. “There was a minor disagreement back in December and that was the end of it. After that, it was very friendly, the air was clear, we were fine.”

Peddle, who was also president of the Ohio Wesleyan's senior class, suffered stab wounds to his chest and hands, but was well enough to speak days after the attack at the university's commencement.

Eber said, “I was very relieved when I heard he was okay, going to be released.”

Eber's defense attorney, Joel Spitzer, said he's aware of other potential suspects, who he says may have wanted to harm Peddle.

A Delaware County judge set bond at $400,000. The case is set to go to trial in August.