Man Accused Of Punching Police Dog, Fighting With Officers

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Police say Gabriel Pace was wanted on a handful of charges including not have an operator’s license, driving under suspension and felony non-child support.

On Thursday night, Westerville and Genoa Township officers went to Pace’s house to arrest him.

Pace was spotted through a window but his wife, April, told police he was not at home, according to authorities.

Officers said they informed April that they had a warrant for Gabriel’s arrest. They said that April slammed the door in their face.

After a younger female cracked the door open, Gabriel Pace appeared and ordered police from his property. Officers called for backup and they said the situation quickly escalated.

“There was a wrestling match taking place in the doorway. They were trying to affect an arrest on Mr. Pace. He attempted to break away,” said Delaware County Sheriff Russ Martin.

Martin said the office called on Rek, the K9 unit.

“I think reasonable people, when they're confronted with the threat of a Taser or canine, most reasonable people comply,” added Martin.

But Pace continued to resist and Rek was unleashed.

Police said Pace struck Rek with his fist, leaving a visible gash on the animal’s head.
Martin said it would take a combination of Rek's bite, and the charge of a Taser to subdue Pace and take him into custody.

Martin believes he knows what fueled Pace's violent resistance.

“He's actually submitted paperwork to this office indicating that the laws that we follow don't apply to him, because he's indicating he's a sovereign citizen,” explained Martin.

April Pace was charged with obstruction of justice and was released from jail Friday night. She told 10TV that she disputes the sheriff’s officer’s story and believes officers were overzealous.

Gabriel Pace remains behind bars facing charges assaulting an officer and police dog and resisting arrest.