Man Accused Of Exposing Himself At Dairy Queen Drive-Thru


Gahanna and Columbus Police worked together to stop a motorist they suspected was under the influence of drugs.
And that's not the only reason Donald Ball is now in trouble with the law.
"It took me by surprise," says Larry Lintner, owner of the Dairy Queen on US 62.
A Dairy Queen employee spotted Ball touching himself when he pulled up to order a drink.
Ball allegedly drove off but seconds later, Gahanna Police say he returned to the restaurant.
"I came down to the drive through and he'd cover himself up," says Lintner.  
Ball took off again. This time, an employee wrote down his license plate and called police.
"It's unclear what his motivation was whether he was directing it at a particular individual at the drive thru or was simply performing these acts in his vehicle," says Sergeant Ethan Moffitt of the Gahanna Division of Police.
Police said they tried to pull Ball over near Interstate 270, but Ball kept driving.
"(He) maintained normal freeway speed but just wouldn't stop for our officer," said Sgt. Moffitt.
Authorities say the seven mile pursuit ended on 270 near Route 3 in Westerville after Gahanna and Columbus officers surrounded Ball and forced him to stop.
"No one was injured. Our officer is safe," Sgt. Moffitt said.
The maneuver left a squad car with minor damage on the side of the cruiser and a cracked front light panel.
"Based on our investigation, we have reason to believe the suspect was under the influence of narcotics," said Sgt Moffitt.
Ball is facing several charges including OVI and Public Indecency.

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