Mail Carrier Stops Crime, Saves Child's Toy

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Police said a mail carrier was assaulted on Saturday when he tried to stop a crime in progress.
Kelly Johnson had just dropped off packages on East 7th Street in Chillicothe around 11:30 a.m.
Johnson said he saw a man that did not live at the residence pick up the packages from the front porch.

Neighbors said the man ripped open the packaging and threw it in the garbage.
Johnson confronted the man, who turned out to be Richard Wise.

""I told him, I was calling the police he tried to slap the phone out of my hand and turn around and run. I grabbed him by the jacket, he took a swing at me and grazed my forehead," said Johnson.
Johnson was able to defend himself and hold Wise until authorities arrived.

When police did arrive, the men were sitting on top of a package that turned out to be a child's toy.

"It's wrong poor little kid would be waiting for their toy that never came or be wondering why their package didn't show up," said witness Laura Widmayer.

The child got his toy, thanks to Johnson, who continued on his route.

Johnson said it's safe to say that Wise picked the wrong house with the wrong mail carrier.

He also told WBNS-10TV that the package belongs to a co-worker, another mail carrier.

Wise was charged with assault and theft.
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Watch 10TV and refresh for the latest news.