Luzio Family Raising Money To Expand Search For Missing Son

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The Delaware County Sheriff says he's considering expanding the search for Tony Luzio Jr., who went missing nine years ago.  Now, his family is trying to raise the money to make it happen. 

The family of Tony Luzio is trying to raise money to keep searching for their son who disappeared on July 4, 2005.  

Nearly a decade later, Tony Luzio Sr., a retired Columbus police officer, says he thinks about his son every day.  "(I) go to bed at night, dream he's alive,”

This spring, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office led a massive search for the missing man, searching nearly 300 bodies of water in a two mile radius from where Luzio was last seen. 

The sheriff tells 10TV that he's prepared to expand the search even further.

The Luzio's are hopeful a charity golf outing will help raise money to bring back Team Water - a group that is equipped with a remote control boat and specialized radar that is able to search a small body of water in minutes.

Investigators say they've never ruled out the possibility of foul play, and the Luzio's admit that their hearts can't help but hold out for another possible explanation.

"If you don't find him, maybe there is a slight sliver of hope.  But maybe he's out there somewhere,” says Luzio Sr.

The Columbus Police Reserve is sponsoring a charity golf outing next month, with the proceeds going support Team Water to return to Columbus to aid in the search.

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